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pantsless happiness

& 23 nao!

Probably the best part of my birthday related to my actual birthday (except the exceptionally loud singing of “happy birthday to you” which apparently could be heard all the way to the other side of the Närcon convention area); going at it like madmen in the bouncy castle. WHO NEEDS TO GROW UP?
my escape

& con-weekend!

I honestly can't WAIT for it to be tomorrow already! Matti has already left for Närcon, bit I had to stat behind because of work. I'll be joining him and everyone else tjat I've misses this summer tomorrow. Om saturday it's my birthday, and for the firat time in forever, I get to celebrare with all - almost all - of my most important people :D

Cosplaywise, the weekend will look as follows:

Friday: Harry Potter (and if you're now exclaiming "are you serious!?" then I can tell you; yes, I am Sirius!) and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Saturday: Naruto, though I won't be an actual official "character"...

Sunday: suit up day

(it's really hard to type in english on a phone which language is set to swedish =__=;;)